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You can find Beirajuda in the centre of Portugal. The Beiras are a lovely area of breathtaking landscapes, beautiful rivers in deep valleys and charming brooks, good swimming water, high mountains - the highest point of Portugal being in the Serra da Estrela - deep valleys and charming brooks.

Beirajuda is a consulting office established in 1996. In 2000 we opened our doors in Oliveira do Hospital. Since 2007 have our office at home. You can phone or mail us to make an appointment. We offer a consultancy service for foreigners who are resident, and for those wishing to relocate to Portugal. Before you buy a nice place to live, it is important to know several things. Is the real estate agent legal? Can you build on that beautiful spot you want to buy? Is your house legal, etc. Can I legalize my car? We can also help whenever you have to deal with health matters, like hospitals, vets, pharmacies or whatever. Thanks to a large network of lawyers, architects and other professionals, Beirajuda can help you in most areas.

Beirajuda can be of assistance in renting your own house for holidays. We can organize cleaning, picking up clients, arranging keys and small repairs.

Beirajuda also works with Portuguese Organisations to encourage education, work and tourism.

For questions or more information, send us an e-mail: